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This is me (and some handsome guy). I love food, but not all food loves me. Three years ago I decided to take my frustrating, and often debilitating, digestive issues and find a way to say buh-bye to them for good. With the help of my husband, I started on the Paleo diet—adios to grains, dairy, refined sugar, corn and legumes—and woke up to the first day of the rest of my happy-belly life! Over the years I've adapted and adopted my own groove, learning that a little goat and sheep dairy won't kill me, quinoa, buckwheat and rice in moderation is all good, and chocolate should never, ever, be in the no-go zone. I cook a lot, I bake even more, and I thought it might be nice to share my discoveries with anyone who's dealing with a troubled tummy, or simply looking to up the ante on their healthy-recipe repertoire. Hope you enjoy as much as I do! 

- Jordan xoxo